Sunday, November 4, 2007

TÝR a Faroese Metal Band

If any of you are into Metal and happen to be in Denmark or Germany in Jam you should check out this band. TÝR has a unique sound that is a mix of heavy metal and Faroese folk. Some call it Viking Metal. They have a few concert dates in January.

Jan. 24 - Odense, DEN - Badstuen
Jan. 25 - Lübeck, GER - Treibsand
Jan. 26 - Osnabrück, GER - N8 (Winternoise Festival)

If you are interested in hearing some of their songs, here is their MySpace page, which has a few of their songs. I am not much into metal but I do like "Hail to the Hammer"

TÝR MySpace

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