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Ok this is my second post. I thought I would give you a link to the island and village where my family comes from. The island is Nolsoy. It is just east of the capital Torshavn. If you search images of the capital you will see many that show the island in the background. The one mountain Høgoyggj distinctive when you see it.

My family has lived there for probably a 1000 years. There are many stories and legends about the family so it is hard to tell which is true and which is not. Here is one of them that is also on the page of Nolsoy.

Korndalur and Prinsessutoftir

Originally, Nólsoy had to farms: One farm near the spot where the village church is now, and one farm in Korndalur - Corn Valley. Korndalur was inhabitated from around 1300 until around 1750, when the last inhabitants moved to the village.

In Korndalur there are still remainders of houses from past ages. One of these is called the Princess’s Ruin; according to legend a Scottish princess whose father didn't approve of her boyfriend, fled with the boyfriend and settled on Nólsoy. Several years later the Scottish king heard where his daughter could be found, and came here to kill her. But when he saw the good life of the young family, and met his grandchild, he changed his mind and was reunited with his daughter.

What I do know is that Nugga (the family home) was the first home to move to the current location of the village. Here is an image of the church that I was baptized in and Nugga. (it is the home furthest to the right) This is from the 50 kroner bill. Also the man on the front of the bill is Nólsoyar Páll who is known as a national hero in the Faroe Islands for breaking the Danish trade monopoly on the islands in the 19th century. He is a ancestor of mine too.

Anyway here is the link to the Nolsoy's tourist website. This one is in English but it is also available in Faroese and Danish.

Hope you enjoy reading about this little island.

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