Saturday, November 3, 2007

Battle over a Rock

It is amazing the battle over a little rock in the middle of the Atlantic ocean will bring. The rock is called Rockall.


Currently 4 countries are fighting for the rights to this rock. Why?? Well it isn't because anyone can live there. It is only 27 meters in diameter. (88 feet) No it is about OIL. All of them want the rights to the possible oil that surrounds the rock in the Atlantic. Denmark is claiming its rights to it through it's territory of the Faroe Islands. It will be interesting to see what the conclusion of this will be. I know the search for oil in the North Atlantic is a priority for the Faroe Islands. It will bring a new source of income to the islands which now get most of it from the fishing industry.

I will try and keep you updated on any conclusion to this.

Here is the link to one of the stories out there on this topic.

MSN Article

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