Saturday, January 19, 2008

Faroese Parliament (Løgtingið) Election Results

Well I guess you can call me a political junkie. I spent the day watching the returns of the Nevada caucuses, the South Carolina primaries and searching the internet for results of the Faroese Parliament. I'll let you find out about the first two outcomes on your own but just know that my candidate did not win. But I am still hoping that he will prevail.

But what I wanted to bring to you are the results of the Faroese Parliamentary election. This was a little more difficult to find information. I was able to get some result and some discussion through the forum In here I was able to get a live feed to the Faroese TV that had the election returns. It was a little difficult to understand (since I know very little Faroese) but it was nice to watch and see how they cover their election. They had remote reporters asking the voters what seemed to be typical question. They hand the normal newsmen trying to analyze what the results meant. And in the end it looks like the parliament will pretty much stay the same.

The three main parties of the coalition had no change in their seats in the parliament, so there doesn't seem to be any major shift towards or away from independence. And I suspect that the Prime Minister will still stay the same but I guess we will have to wait on that.

For more breakdown on the results you can check out the Faroese Radio but it is in Faroese. You can also find out a little more about Faroese politics from Wikipedia.

I hope this was helpful for anyone wanting to know. OK I know I am a political junkie but there must be some others out there.

Here is a hint on who I am supporting in our election.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Where in the World is the Faroe Islands

I have a few ask the question "Where is the Faroe Islands" so I thought I would provide some basic information.

When I was young I remember how difficult it was to explain the Faroe Islands or being Faroese that I quite often would take the easy way out and just say I was Danish and that my family was from Denmark. For those of you who do not know the Faroe Islands is an autonomous region of Denmark. But for quite awhile I have been promoting that I am Faroese and that my family is from the Faroe Islands. Partially in support of the Faroe Islands seeking total independence from Denmark and partially to let everyone know what a great and beautiful place the Faroe Islands are.

Anyway one to the games my brother, sister and I would play with maps or globes is to see if they would have the Faroe Islands on it. You wouldn't believe that 40+ years ago how many had nothing on the map about the Faroe Islands.

So lets get to it. The Faroe Islands are 18 islands in the North Atlantic. One of the best ways to describe where they are on a map is to find the Shetland Islands on a map. (The Shetland Islands are a part of Scotland and are located just north of Scotland.) Then find Iceland on the map. Draw a line between the two locations, and split it in half and you will find the Faroe Islands.

Of the 18 islands that make up the Faroe Islands, 17 of them are inhabited. Only Litla Dimun has no one living on it.

So hopefully this gives some of you an idea of where the Faroe Islands are. It also wouldn't be right if I didn't give you the location of the island that my family comes from which is Nolsoy. It is an island with only one village on with the same name. It is located directly east of the capital Torshavn.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Finally 2008 - Gott Nýggjár

The Church on Nólsoy where I was baptized.

Well 2007 is over and the New Year has begun. I wish everyone a wonderful New Year and that everyone gets their hearts desire.

2007 has had it's good and bad times and I hope that 2008 brings us all only good. For us we have had medical issues and financial problems but also new borns and graduations. Life is unpredictable but worth every minute. I also know that every experience good or bad shapes who I am today and who I will be tomorrow, so I take life as it comes and I have faith that in the end we will all be better for it.

My hope for this blog in the new year is that I able to bring you information about the Faroe Islands and that you will know of this little country that I hold so close to my heart. That you will let others know of this little jewel of the North Atlantic and that maybe you will consider the Faroe Islands when you are looking for a new place to visit on vacation.

Happy New Year!!!