Monday, November 12, 2007

Faroese Links

I have added a few of the links I use on a regular basis. I split it into two areas. One is a list of sites that have General information about the Faroe Islands. These are for the most part in English and will give you some good information about the Faroe Islands. The site Hoppa has a spider-web setup of all the sites in the Faroe Islands.

The other list is a list of News and Media sites. These are both in Faroese and English with most of them being in Faroese. But hopefully it will give you some news on the Faroe Islands. It is very difficult to get news about the Faroe Islands in English. I would recommend that you read Faroe-man's blog "Everything about the Faroe Islands" He does a good job of updating a lot of the news and it is in English.

Hopefully this will give you some more information about the Faroe Islands. As I also said in one of my first postings is to use Google search. Search engines are a great start on any topic and usually it will bring up websites that are in English.

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