Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Am I doing OK??

Image from G. Norðoy on Flickr of Klaksvik. Please check out his other pictures.

I have written 15 postings since starting this blog. It has been good for me to write things down and let everyone know about the Faroe Islands. I hope that everyone that reads my blog are enjoying it too.

I understand that it takes a while for the word to get around about a blog and I know I have had some readers. But what I don't know is "Am I doing OK?" I feel somewhat strange about this but I would love to hear your comments. Are the topics interesting? Is there something that you are interested in?

Let me me know what you think. Leave a comment.



I am a lover of children's literature said...

HI, I think your doing fine. I am intrigued my the Faroes Islands so it is nice to be able to learn some more.

Welcome to the world of blogging. It can many things if you wish it to be. Your blog is well done, I shall read more later, but for now, its off to bed for me. I had a hard day!

Thanks for sharing your blog with us. I will return, promise!

Alex Garcia said...

Your blog is doing ok. If you put a little less blood, you might get more visitors. Even though I can understand that you have to kill animals to live, not many people will come back to see dead animals. I think you would do much better if you show the animals alive, even if you kill them after the photo. The photo of the town/village is pretty atractive. It is pretty hard for big city dwellers to imagine what would you do in Faroe Islands after a couple of weeks.We are so used to have hundreds of options. Good luck!

Ogie said...

I understand the distaste for the blood but there are so many that what to protest the whale hunt. They always point the images of the whales being killed in the bay. The point for the other images was to point out that any animal that we eat, that the slaughter of them will produce blood.

This will not be a common occurrence. There are far more beautiful images of the Faroe Islands.

Thank you both for your comments I appreciate you viewing my blog.