Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Faroe Islands Podcast

OK this may seem like a cop out for not writing but I have to again promote another blog for everyone who is interested in the Faroe Islands. The first podcast from "The Faroe Islands Podcast" is uploaded for your listening pleasure. This project has been put together by the two bloggers I promoted last week. This world of blogging is amazing how people from around the world can become friends. Both Workman and Faroeman have become good friends through their blogs and this project has blossomed from that friendship. I am proud to call them both friends and hopefully one of these days we can all meet outside of this cyberworld.

Now about the podcast, they hope to have weekly broadcast that will cover news, culture, politics and music. This first podcast covers the economy, music and a little history of the Faroe Islands. The podcast is in English for those of us that have a difficult time understanding Faroese. Hopefully this weekly podcast will give everyone more information about this beautiful place in the world.

OK I thought I should post some more images. These are a couple that my brother took on his trip this last summer.

These images are of the ruins of the first settlement on Nolsoy where my family first came a thousand years ago. You can see in the background where the current village is now.

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