Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blogs to Visit

I thought I would give you a couple blogs to follow about the Faroe Islands. I have been reading these for awhile now.

Workman is the one I would like to promote the most today. He has an article in the Mail Tribune from Medford OR today about him. He has been a constant promoter of the Faroe Islands with his Faroe Friday post. Every week he has an article of the Faroe Islands with images and news about the islands. He is always trying to promote the Faroe Islands and make more us aware of these islands.

Faroe Man was one of the first blogs I found with any news on the Faroe Islands that was written in English. He does a great job of updating the world on his blog Everything About The Faroe Islands about the things that are going on with the Faroe Islands.

The last one today is Jenny. She is like me, half Faroese. On her blog she traces her journey of discovering her family back to the Faroe Islands. On her blog Jenny's Year Abroad she lets us know of her journey and all the things that she has discovered. In all of this process she has written a book about this journey. Currently it is only written Faroese but hopefully one day it will be in English.

So hopefully these are few places you can find out a little more about the Faroe Islands.


Anonymous said...

When is the best month to visit Faroe islands? I understand the whether changes often but in terms of sunny days is August the best? Thanks!

Ogie said...

If you are looking for sun I would visit during the summer. July & August are probably the best.