Saturday, January 19, 2008

Faroese Parliament (Løgtingið) Election Results

Well I guess you can call me a political junkie. I spent the day watching the returns of the Nevada caucuses, the South Carolina primaries and searching the internet for results of the Faroese Parliament. I'll let you find out about the first two outcomes on your own but just know that my candidate did not win. But I am still hoping that he will prevail.

But what I wanted to bring to you are the results of the Faroese Parliamentary election. This was a little more difficult to find information. I was able to get some result and some discussion through the forum In here I was able to get a live feed to the Faroese TV that had the election returns. It was a little difficult to understand (since I know very little Faroese) but it was nice to watch and see how they cover their election. They had remote reporters asking the voters what seemed to be typical question. They hand the normal newsmen trying to analyze what the results meant. And in the end it looks like the parliament will pretty much stay the same.

The three main parties of the coalition had no change in their seats in the parliament, so there doesn't seem to be any major shift towards or away from independence. And I suspect that the Prime Minister will still stay the same but I guess we will have to wait on that.

For more breakdown on the results you can check out the Faroese Radio but it is in Faroese. You can also find out a little more about Faroese politics from Wikipedia.

I hope this was helpful for anyone wanting to know. OK I know I am a political junkie but there must be some others out there.

Here is a hint on who I am supporting in our election.


juka14 said...

You really made a nice blog here. And now i know more about the country too. Good Job!

Workman said...

Speaking of elections, people in your state get to head to the polls (or whatever you do there) this weekend.

Looks like coming after Super Tuesday was good for Washington

Joao said...

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